Find a mirror. Stare into that bitch. As you stare imagine your visage transforming into your antithesis, your starkest (known) contrast. For example: if you are an extremely dark-skinned person imagine an extremely light-skinned person. Now it is VERY possible (like 100% likely) that someone who looked just like this ‘anti-you’ was partly responsible for you being able to stand in front of a mirror and see ANYTHING at all. It’s also possible that they might hate your guts…if they could see you. But here’s the cool bit: They CAN’T see you. They can only BE you…with an ill little flip: Because they can no longer SEE themselves or you, they are FINALLY ‘allowed’ to BE ‘just’ themselves. The traits are no longer being filtered through their race, religion, culture, et cetera—in a sense they have been purified. No longer tainted by all those tenuous superficial relative distinctions. But then again…

What are YOU doing with these traits? Are you filtering them through your own relative distinctions? Of course you are! You’re taking the INFINITY of muthafuckas living INSIDE of you and forcing them to be ONE thing!

SOURCE: The Constant Equation