real fear

“Stop telling my secrets. It’s all the isms and phobias that you gotta worry about. Not that thing1 you guys anthropomorphized to create me.”

1. Matt fears getting mugged so much that he refrains from going out at particular hours of the night; if he does the experience is damn near debilitating. His friend Mo on the other hand enjoys the city late at night and walks its streets often. After ten years of doing this Mo is brutally mugged. After hearing of his experience Matt tells him he should have known better to which Mo responds, “How could I have known ‘better’ when I wasn’t ‘expecting’ anything to happen?”

Oh, and speaking of The Devil™: Wildly divisive figures tend to do VERY well because both their supporters and detractors can’t shut the HELL up about them. This is the (ironic) thing the both of them have in common.