In regards to [the current divisive issue]……. Think back to high school when you wore a particular style of clothing, not because you liked it—hell, you didn’t even really KNOW what you liked back then (other than that THING you were passionate about*), but because it worked as a kind of “Hey-guys-I’m-one-of-you-can-I-sit-next-to-you-at-lunch-and-laugh-at-jokes-I-don’t-find-funny?” beacon. Now you have ‘friends!’ You ‘belong!’ And since you worked so hard (read: bought in, literally and figuratively) to become a ‘part’ of the group, you will do WHATEVER it takes to maintain your position. You don’t miss that loneliness. You don’t want to go back ‘there.’ Even though you feel REALLY lonely in the group, you just ignore it. You have ‘friends’ now. So many ‘friends!’

Well, then…you had ‘friends’ THEN…

NOW those tenuous insecurity huddles (think “I Am Legend”) we once myopically called ‘friendships’ are no more. It is just us and our gift (which has been under-appreciated and neglected for MANY MANY years). We sit alone NOW, our only connection to the outside world being palm-rectangles wrought from flowers and sand

“Let’s see what everybody’s talking about…… Okay, she’s talking about blah…oh look, so is he……and her too! Damn, they’re all talking about blah. It’s just blah, blah, blah everywhere! Guess I’ll join in. Make some new ‘friends!'”

But how do you REALLY feel about what’s going on? It’s okay. It’s just you and me here. None of the people from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, MySpace, Friendster, etc. are here. You can be honest. Oh, and I don’t mean in regards to your stances on the ‘issues.’ But your own personal affairs. Are you rocking these fits—knowing you look dumb-as-hell—just to keep a few warm bodies near or are you rocking these because YOU feel GOOD in them? Because they HELP to bring out the BEST in YOU? And by fits I mean clothing, religions, friends, lovers, just every-damn-thing.


* The moment we first become AWARE of OUR relative life is when we are MADE AWARE of the thing that makes us unique. Our gift. It sets us a-part from the rest. We are someTHING!!!! someBODY!!!!

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